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Prophetic Dream: Mental Health Ministry

Posted by Samaria Maria Colbert on June 27, 2018 at 10:05 AM

Prophetic Dream about mental health ministry.

About two weeks ago I had a dream that I believe represents those of us who are embracing and operating in mental health ministry. In the dream I was sitting in a church and a young lady was in the front getting ready to giving her testimony. As she is in the front of audience I see her getting very nervous. She gets so nervous she starts hyperventilating to the point where she looks like she is getting ready to pass out. It looks like she is having a heart attack. A group of people from the church run up to her including myself and the ordained ministers. I am the only one who reaches her and they disappear.

I say with authority, "you are having a panic attack." I then lay my hands on her back and say, "I rebuke the spirit of fear off of you."


I believe the dream is indicating of how God is birthing us as Christ counselors. There was no mistake that I was able to get to her when others couldn't. Or that I was able to determine right away what it was. The others thought she was having some kind of health condition and again she looked like she was having a heart attack.

I don't share my dreams often and am careful what I post on social media believe it or not. However I believe the dream also meant how God is moving in the church in regards to mental health ministry. There are some emotional,spiritual, and mental issues that will not be addressed by church due to the lack of knowledge, they are also not equipped to address. Traditional ministry can't properly assess or treat this.

God is raising you up, right from the pew. God is birthing you and me into greater realms of mental health ministry. We are the answer, we have been called, appointed and anointed for such as time as this.

When they say, "where is the church?" Again, God has already provided the answer. God is moving!

BTW: I know there is a greater interpretation for the dream but for the sake of time and discretion.

Be encouraged saints! God is up to something. I believe everything not seen will be seen shortly. Whatever business, ministry you have in the mental health ministry arena God is getting ready to birth it in greater realms with a great outpouring over your practice. Your going to see supernatural increase. God is allowing the world to expose certain things in the mental health world so that this ministry begins to come forth in exponential ways. Your getting ready to see great increase in your business, your books, your training programs, your curriculums that are mental health and ministry related. It is going to happen suddenly.

Be encouraged! I only shared that dream because it wasn't just for me but for others that are like me and do this kind of ministry.

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