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Pastors, Christian Leaders Should Be Honored

Posted by Samaria Maria Colbert on August 11, 2018 at 7:10 PM

Pastors should be honored not disrespected.

1. If you are not a pastor you have no business telling a pastor how to do his or her job, just as you wouldn't tell a neurosurgeon how to better effectively do his or her job if your were not one.

2. God put leaders in position as in every organization you have some man appointed leaders, but still the position itself is godly and should be honored.

3. Disrespect due to disagreement is NEVER an appropriate response. Even on social media, most people post on social media what they would never have the nerve to say to some to their face. Consider what happened to Miriam when she talked about Moses. He was not even in the room. Most are seeking validation in their opinion not change.

4. God is in control. The church as a whole although flawed has produced more successes, saved more lived, delivered more people from hell, and birthed more leaders in all areas of influence, then any other organization that has existed since the beginning of mankind. The church is to be honored. Name a organization that has that kind of power or those bragging rights. I'll wait...........................

5. Instead of criticizing how about you pray and read your Bible. Most of the time your opinion in NOT BIBLICAL. God sent Moses, Joseph, Daniel, the prophets, David before he was King to stand and speak to Kings. And the list goes on.... Today's culture doesn't change biblical standards.

6. People always criticize what they don't understand. Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it wrong.

7. Myth the church is NOT struggling and IS growing in power and might. If you don't see it consider attending a different church that ministers to you.

8. The church is the bride of Christ. Christ died for her. Now just like any married man would have a problem with you disrespecting his wife so does God. Keep at it and God Himself will respond to you. Don't say you haven't been warned. Pastors are apart of the bride of Christ.

9. Consider contributing to make the kingdom better. You can criticize others into your place of greatness and prosperity.

10. When was the last time you prayed for your pastors. There is a demonic attack against, pastor's, Christian leaders and church as a whole. Carnal people always respond carnally but spiritual people go to God.

I could go on. I said it before I have an amazing church with an amazing pastor that loved the church hurt away. I love my church and the universal church as a whole. Even if you are a pastor and I have never met you know that as a mature Christian I and many others like me are praying for you.

These are my wisdom points based upon scripture. If you disagree that is your right however I do NOT debate the word, even though you're girl is well versed and could. Any inappropriate comments will be errased immediately.

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